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Norwegian Oil and Energy Solutions
Trade Office

Energy makes the world go round. Through the ages energy has played a crucial part in the industrial development that has shaped our world. It is what keeps the wheels of trade and commerce running smoothly. 

With an operative trade desk in Norway, Russia and Poland and powered by a team with experience and enthusiasm, our market coverage spans from the Middle East, North Africa, Mediterranean, Indian Subcontinent, South East & Far East Asia to Latin America. 

We have found that in order to do something well, we must become experts in the market we operate. We have dedicated our efforts on specific products and have gained an extensive list of suppliers who deliver these products with no shortcuts and to the industry specifications. Below is a list of products we source from our suppliers:

• IFO-180cst

• IFO-380cst

• LNG (liquefied natural gas)

• LPG (liquefied petroleum gas)

• High quality Bitumen

• Lubricants and Variations 

We also provide our clients with worldwide transport and logistical solutions.

If you are looking to work with our trade desk to source your products we will need information about your company. You can send us your offer and all contact information & a full corporate profile. This will help us in our due diligence process before we source your product to our buyers. Any additional information will help us to speed up the vetting process and increase your company chances to find a buyer. Our buyers are in the market for spot or/and term contracts with long performance track records. 

To be able to see our currently exportable products, please click the here

For further information and enquiries please do not hesitate to contact our trade office 24/7 with the contact page or contact details that you see at the end of the page.