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We trade petroleum products such as banker oil, lubricants and other variations. With our position in the petroleum commodity market, we are able to supply the products based on our clients' and partners' need. 


NOES Trade Office makes the logistics eaasy for its clients by offering different sorts of shipment such as bulk and dry tankers, tank and dry containers, flexi-bags, and trucks. We also welcome collaboration with third-party logistics companies, freight forwarders and shipping agents.


Our expertise in petroleum products allows us to expand our client base and to offer distribution services within a high range of area. We distribute products from our partners in Europe, Russia, Turkey, Middle East and Asia.


With NOES' and its partners' strong financial state, we engage with different financial projects. We choose projects carefully with the goal of building long-term business. Our financial advisors study the projects very carefully and we offer our investors the best solutions. We start conservatively, but for our regular clients we offer open credit and letter of credit payment terms.


We never stop learning and discovering markets where we operate. NOES Trade Office continuously researches the parameters and dynamics of the petroleum products market so that we can offer exclusive insights. We are ready to share our market intelligence with our clients and partners.

Market Research

Our research and consulting team analyzes and structures data about specific product and geographic markets. NOES Trade Office supports our clients and partners with trade flow analysis, understanding supply and demand balance and medium-term marketing forecasts.